Besides working out I love to cook, I'm no chef and some of my 'creations' don't always turn out as I envisioned them to, but below are a few of my favourite items. I will try and add some more every week, feel free to add your own twist to them. ENJOY!


Breakfast crepe:

if you have a gluten intolerance then you may want to substitute, regular all purpose flour with coconut, rice or almond flour. Take note that coconut flour will have lower fat and MODERATE carbs, rice flour will have low fat and HIGH carbs and almond flour will have HIGH fat and lower carbs. So choose wisely! In my opinion coconut flour would be the best option to go with in this recipe.


Tons of people find breakfast really difficult. This can be due to limited time in the morning, lack of appetite or lack of planning. I always find that a smoothie is the fastest, easiest and it's pretty convenient. There are literally millions of ways you could whip up your own version, and I encourage you to do so. Just make sure it has protein, carbs, fats and some fibre. If you have those covered you're GOLDEN!